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Brad MacDonald : SOUL-IV
Chris Tarry : STD-V
Dan Kozar : STD-Guitar
David Wallimann : STD-Guitar
Etric Lyons : STD-V
Gerd Resse : STD-IV
Ian Da Souza : SOUL-IV
Jake Wolf : L-BOW-V
Juan Arias : STD-Guitar
Matthias Rethmann : STD-V
Vail Johnson : SOUL-IV
Two Basses : Deep Cranberry STD-VI 36" scale & Imperial Blue STD-V 34" scale

These amazing musical instruments are hand-made by Heiko Hoepfinger and his team at BassLab in Germany. GH Services is the exclusive dealer and distributor for BassLab Instruments in Canada and the United States. See the About Us page for more.

· Craig Kickbush of Ecliptic sent us this video of him playing his L-BOW-VI at their CD release.

· The new StepABout stereo pre-amp stompbox for Chapman Stick players is now here! This is based on two modified BassXX circuits, and was designed in collaboration with Stick master Greg Howard. Visit Stick Enterprises for ordering info.

· Polo Jones is playing a BassLab SOUL bass, and will tour with Zuccherro this summer.

· In collaboration with the great Ned Steinberger, BassLab is producing a new composite NS Viola, which will be ready in time for the Musikmesse!

· We have a cool new paint finish available! See a preview here.

· The Stick XBL36™ is now in production! Estimated delivery is 2007.04. Visit Stick Enterprises for ordering info.

· We had two BassLab basses in the AccuGroove booth, #1291 Hall E at the NAMM Show in Anaheim. More...

· Bass Player magazine (March 2003) has a great review of a silver STD-V with soundholes.

· Bass Inside online magazine, in an August 2002 review, gave a perfect score to the STD-V.